Recommended Moving Companies | Local & Long Distance Movers

Below you’ll find our list of some of the best moving companies across the US. These are local and long distance movers with a proven track record and up-to-date licensing and insurance. Before selecting a moving company, there are some additional things you should know:

Difference Between Local and Interstate Moves

Local Moving: This is usually done by a crew on an hourly basis. Typically, you’ll call the company and receive an over-the-phone quote based on the size of your home and the distance between your old and new addresses. Local moving rates are calculated based on an hourly rate (with a 2- or 3-hour minimum) or a flat-rate. Local moves require that the moving company obtain proper licensing from the state authority (usually the state Department of Transportation or the Department of Motor Vehicles).

Interstate Moving: With a long-distance move, you’ll receive an initial over-the-phone estimate based on some of the basic information about your move. The company will then arrange for an estimator to perform an in-person inspection of your belongings so they can put together a final estimate of moving costs. This in-home estimate is important because long distance moving rates are determined by the weight of the shipment. The more accurate the initial quote is, the closer the quote will be to your final bill. Interstate moving companies must obtain licensing through the FMCSA. This US DOT license is re-evaluated on a consistent basis to ensure that the company continues to comply with insurance requirements and safety regulations.

Importance of Hiring a Licensed Mover

While you might be able to find a steal-of-a-deal when searching online for moving services, be sure to vet the company before you hire them. Many moving companies that offer deals that sound too good to be true may not be the most honest or reputable, and often don’t have proper licensing. These “rogue” movers often engage in criminal activities like hostage loading, in which they take people’s goods hostage and demand immediate cash payment for delivery. Offering astonishingly low rates is one of the tactics they use to lure people into hiring them.

Hiring a licensed moving company is the surest way to know your belongings are in trustworthy hands. When you call to request quotes from moving companies be sure to ask for their state and US DOT numbers. You can use these numbers to look each moving company up in the state or federal database to ensure that their licensing is current.

Reputable Local and Cross Country Moving Companies We Recommend

Cheap Movers Las Vegas
8465 W Sahara Avenue, Suite 111-570
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 660-4699

Rocky Mountain Movers
663 South 600 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 839-4940

Imperial Moving & Storage
83 Washington Place
New York, NY 10011
(212) 879-6683

Lighthouse Moving
473 Smith Avenue South
St Paul, MN 55102
(651) 300-0027

1st Choice Movers
8230 Baycenter Rd. Ste. #4
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 731-7223